Help & FAQ - MeetYourModel
How does it work?

Our service is a large catalogue of models who have chosen to offer our members various media (video and photos) that they do not share on other social networks. Our members can follow one or several models to access this private content.

How to register?

With your email address and a password, or even faster with Facebook Connect. Please note that no information will be published on your Facebook account (this system simply allows you to connect to the Website faster). Registration is also completely free.

Is there a minimum age to register?

The minimum age required is 18 years to create an account on MeetYourModel. Each member must respect the minimum age required upon registration.

How to find a model?

The easiest solution is for a model to send you the link to her profile on MeetYourModel. Otherwise, you can search for models (Search section). The search field allows you to type in keywords (ex: first name, last name or alias of the model; or certain keywords that the model has included in her profile, ex: #blond #métisse #topless).

How to follow a model?

You just need to go to the model’s profile and click on: Follow. Subscription is without obligation and gives you access to all the model’s photos (private and public). The model regularly adds more photos in order to satisfy her followers. Subscription to a model also allows you to ask her for personalised photos or videos, just for you. The model sets her price for a photo or video freely. You may accept or decline the offer.

How much does it cost?

Access to the platform is free. Subscriptions to models are charged (see rates on the profile of a model). A subscription is unique for each model and can be ended at any moment. Personalised photos or videos requested to models are charged. The rate is at the model's discretion, she sets her prices freely. You can easily accept or decline the offer.

About secure and discreet payment

Completely. We use 100% reliable and secure payment systems. Also note your login to our site is always encrypted. Transactions on MYM are discrete. It will be appear on your bank statement as: Air Medias.

How to stop a subscription?

By going to the Follow section. You can unfollow at any time. Cancellation of a subscription is effective at the end of the period that has been paid for.

What type of private media can I request?

You can ask a model to send you a private media, or you can offer to send a media from you. Your requests remain private and are only read by the models. MeetYourModel asks all its users to use their best manners and respect all the registered models on the Website. Coarse or pornographic requests may be declined by the models. Failure to comply with terms of use may lead to the user being blocked and unable to access model profiles.

Could I share private media?

No. Warning, all media are protected by the right to intellectual property. Therefore, if a media finds itself broadcast outside the MeetYourModel private exchange channel, the member will have their MYM account closed. MeetYourModel is uncompromising in respect of privacy and will enforce the law in case of violation (articles 226-1 and 226-22 of the French Penal Code).

I want to deleted my account

Go to your profile page, and then, in the section 'Delete my account'. Remember that you can keep your account but cancel the automatic renewal of a subscription in the My subscriptions section.

If you do not find an answer to your question you, contact us.