CONTENT POLICY v03.04.2023 This document is published by AIR MEDIAS, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 507 800 euros, registered with the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 809 565 906, whose registered office is located at 16 rue Cuvier, 69006, LYON - France, (hereinafter "the Operator" or "MYM" or “Us”) as part of its commitments to its payment service partners providing payment services to Creators. It is intended for Creators of content referenced as such on the MYM Platform and completes the General Terms and conditions of Service (GTS). To benefit from our services, you agree not to upload, post or publish on MYM any content that :
  1. shows, includes or refers to:
  • any individual under 18 years old (or which refers to individuals under 18 years old generally); or
  • any other individual unless you have written documentation which confirms that all individuals shown or included or referred to in your Content are at least 18 years old, and you have a written consent from each individual to use their name or images (or both) in the Content;
  1. shows, promotes, advertises or refers to:
  • firearms, weapons, or any goods whose sale, possession or use is subject to prohibitions or restrictions;
  • drugs or drug paraphernalia;
  • self-harm or suicide;
  • incest;
  • bestiality;
  • violence, rape, lack of consent, hypnosis, intoxication, sexual assault, torture, sadomasochistic abuse or hardcore bondage, extreme fisting, or genital mutilation;
  • necrophilia;
  • urine, scatological, or excrement-related material;
  • "revenge porn" (being any sexually explicit material featuring any individual who has not given prior, express and fully informed consent to that material (a) being taken, captured, or otherwise memorialized, or (b) being posted and shared on Platform);
  • escort services, sex trafficking, or prostitution;
  1. contains unsolicited sexual content or unsolicited language that sexually objectifies another user or anyone else in a non-consensual way, or contains fake or manipulated sexual content in relation to another user or anyone else (including "deepfakes");
  1. contains, promotes, advertises or refers to hate speech (being content intended to vilify, humiliate, dehumanize, exclude, attack, threaten, or incite hatred, fear of, or violence against, a group or individual based on race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, caste, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, serious disease, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic);
  1. contains or refers to anyone else's personal data or private or confidential information (for example, telephone numbers, location information (including street addresses and GPS coordinates), names, identity documents, email addresses, log-in credentials for Platform, financial information including bank account and credit and debit card details, biometric data, and medical records) without that person's express written consent;
  1. either:
  1. in the case of content featuring public nudity, was recorded in or is being broadcast from a country, State or province where public nudity is illegal; or
  2. in the case of content featuring sexual activities, was recorded in or is being broadcast from a public place where members of the public are reasonably likely to see the activities being performed (this does not include outdoor places where members of the public are not present, for example private property such as a private backyard, or secluded areas in nature where members of the public are not present).
  1. gives the impression that it comes from Us or is approved, licensed or endorsed by MYM;
  1. causes or is calculated to cause inconvenience, or anxiety to anyone else or which is likely to upset, embarrass, or cause serious offense to anyone else; in particular in the case of revenge porn related contents;
  1. is used or is intended to be used to extract money or another benefit from anyone else in exchange for removal of the content.
Any breach of these obligations may result in the account restriction measures detailed in the GTS, which the Creator accepts in advance. In this regard, MYM recalls that it is putting in place a set of measures to ensure that these requirements are met.
Process of filtering, blocking and taking down illegal content MYM is strongly committed to the prevention of illicit content and all forms of online violence. In this respect, in respect of the legal framework and its status as host of the content that is edited and published by the Creators, MYM has established a process for tackling such illegal content, structured as follows:
  1. MYM certifies any user wishing to become a Creator on the Platform by requiring an ID and a selfie in real time. These identification elements are processed and authenticated by an artificial intelligence solution to reduce the risk of falsification.
Thanks to this certification, MYM can identify any potential author of illegal content and, if necessary, bring the necessary proceedings.
  1. All content, when uploaded by a creator, is analysed by another artificial intelligence solution that automatically detects any element that could possibly be considered prohibited by law or by this Content Policy.
  2. Any content detected as containing an illegal element cannot be published.
  3. Likewise, if a Creator submits content featuring several people, he may be required to provide evidence of the consent of these people (transfer of image rights and authorization for online diffusion);
  4. Any dispute or uncertainty during this process prior to the publication of Content may be referred to the team dedicated to these moderation issues.
  5. Once content has been published, MYM then carries out random checks to further analyse content related to "exceptional" or " unusual" transactions. If MYM finds content that is clearly illegal, it will be removed.
  6. Finally, in accordance with its status as a host, MYM acts promptly on any content that is notified as potentially illegal. Each piece of content has a button that allows any user to notify any illegal content in due form which, if necessary, will lead to the removal of the media.
Preventing minors from viewing pornographic content MYM has always been committed to preventing minors from viewing violent or pornographic content. Therefore, the MYM Platform is prohibited to any user (Creator or User) who is a minor. MYM does, however, check the age of its various type of users:
  1. Regarding the age verification of the Creators: the age of any Creator is verified, using their ID and a selfie of the Creator holding their ID in their hand, during certification. These elements are processed and authenticated by an artificial intelligence solution.
  1. Regarding consent integrity and the majority of people appearing on contents, MYM implements drastic verification processes pursuant to its Anti-Slavery policy:

  • All content, when uploaded by a Creator, is scanned by an artificial intelligence solution. The artificial intelligence solution blocks any content that is illicit or contrary to this Policy.
  • If a Creator uploads contents featuring several persons, it can be required that it provides evidence of the consent of these people (transfer of image rights and authorization for online diffusion);
  • MYM requires any agency that presents itself as the agent of a Creator registered on the platform, a contract in due form concluded with the Creator which includes a transfer of image rights and an authorization of online diffusion.
  1. Regarding the age verification of users wishing to access content containing nudity or pornography, MYM wanted to go further than the legal requirements.
Thus, if the user already declares on his honour that he is of age when he registers, he will have to submit to a control operated by an artificial intelligence solution when he tries to access said content. This solution is based on the analysis of facial features in real time in order to determine the user's real age. If the age assessment leaves any uncertainty, the User may choose to prove their age by any means. In compliance with the GDPR, this assessment is led by a human person.